How to Get Clients to Show for Appointments
Written by Ira Curry on Sep 2nd 2021
ira curry
I had a 90% customer show up rate when I lead my first company. 

When my consulting clients started complaining their customers wasn’t showing up for their calls, I found it hard to believe.  

Below are 3 things these CEOs where NOT doing which caused the customer to no show.

Set Expectation

Expect the customer to show up. In life and in business you get what you expect. 

When I set an appointment with you I expect you to show up

If you do not show up, I expect you to communicate why within 24-hours. Why? 

Because time is money and those who understand this principle sets strict expectations with the 


Use Scheduling System

An online scheduling system make you look professional. 

It also takes the hassle out of scheduling. 

Here you can add your company logo and allow your customer to book you at their preferred time and timezone. 

This eliminates the back-and-forth. 

I recommend calendly. 

Send text reminder 

Text your customer 1-hour in advance and then 15-minutes before scheduled call reminding customer of your appointment. 

This confirms the customer will show up for the call or at least explain what’s causing him/ her to not.

There you have it. Set the expectation with your customer, use online scheduling software, send 

text reminders 1-hour then 15-minutes before scheduled call and let the client know that you 

mean business.

Ira Curry

Ira Curry help people start and grow profitable businesses. He help people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in starting or scaling your own business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today. 
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