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9716 Rea Rd.
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Business Description

Ira Curry Consulting is a consulting firm that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Founder Ira Curry’s business training programs address every aspect of starting, building and growing a business. 

This includes developing an abundance mindset and identifying any limiting beliefs that may hold you back, taking steps toward emotional mastery, developing a time management system that works for you, creating a healthy organizational culture and determining the effective steps required to master your leadership skills.

Ira's clients are some of the most profitable companies in US and online. His clients continue to dominate the online and offline market with his unique relationship with God and proven processes.

Sharonda Reeves

This client went from 5-10 clients a week to 5-10 clients a day less than 6 weeks. Last month she celebrated hitting the 300 client mark. Want to know who's now making 6-figures in her business?

Mychal Taylor

This client just celebrated his 40k month in business. Before he enrolled into 6 week business consulting with Ira he only had 3 clients and was about to close his business for good. 

Shontia Green

This client use to work for poor managers and managers who mistreated her. After consulting with Ira she gained so many clients she was forced to turn in her two week notice. 

Gary Branch

Gary now has our 6 figure sales script that closes deals without trying. His clients beg him to take their money. Have you ever wanted clients who would beg to do business with you?

Tony Calzado

Tony just completed a 2-Hour Business Strategy Session with Ira. Tony was given a business strategy and proven process to get more clients and grow his business to 6 figures under 2-hours. 

Sharnell Guidry

This client has more clients than she can handle. This client was working a 9-5 while still trying to build a business. Now, three to four weeks into consulting she has an overabundance of clients.

Keonte Herrera

Before attending 6 weeks business consulting Keonte and his Founding partners had no direction. They had no systems, no processes, no nothing. You won't believe what happened next.

Kelly Armstrong

This client thought she was doing pretty good in her business until she enrolled into the 6 week business consulting program. As of today, Kelly has added hundreds of clients all thanks to Curry.

Megan Murray

After attending a Business Strategy Session with Ira Curry this client received all the needed tools, ideas, guidance, resources and support to grow her business to the next level 
9716 Rea Rd.
Ste B PMB 1129
Charlotte, NC 28277
United States of America